Advil = Ibuprofen (see pronunciation guide)
Altoids = Fishermans Friends (for halitosis sufferers)
Aluminum = Aluminium
Apartment = Flat (that you live in or rent)
At = unnecessary word eg "Where is that at?" or "Where are you at?"

Baby Carriage = Pram
Bathroom (see restroom, john) = Toilet (usually in the home)
Bring = Take eg "Did he bring (take) his phone with him"
Bouillon Cube = Oxo Cube (dont ask for a stock cube, it's a waste of time)

Cart, Carriage or Buggy = Shopping Trolley
Chaise = Sunbed
Chips = Crisps
Chopper = Harley with no rear suspension (see harley)
Color = Colour
Commode = Toilet Bowl
Condominium (or Condo) = Apartment that you own (see apartment)

Dead Battery = Flat Battery (A flat battery is a squashed one!)
Done = Finished eg "I'm done (when you have finished your meal)"
Downtown = City Centre

Emergency Lane = Hard Shoulder

Fag (or faggot) = gay man (not a cigarette) usually derogative
Fall = Autumn
Fender = mudguard (of car)
Freeway = Motorway
Fries = Chips
From the Get Go = From the beginning

Gallon = 3.79litres (ie less than a UK gallon which is 4.55litres)
Gas = Petrol or Accelerator eg 'Go to the Gas station" or "Step on the Gas"
Graduation = leaving High School (also college or university, but usually high school)

Hang a left = Make a left turn
Harley = like a motorcycle only not as good
High School = Secondary School
Hire = Rent
Holidays = Christmas eg "Happy Holidays" (Thanksgiving to New Year)
Hood = Bonnet (of car)

Intersection = Junction (always at 90 degrees)
Interstate = Motorway

John (see restroom, bathroom) = Toilet


Large = Extra Large
Like = uneccessary word eg '"I was speaking to this guy for like ages"
Links = Sausage
Liquor Store = Off Licence

Median = Central Reservation
Motor = Engine
Motorcycle = Motorbike


Off (or On) -Ramp = Slip Road

Paki = Liquor Store (New England0 literally package store
Pacifier = Dummy (baby's)
Pavement = Road Surface
Pikanini = small black child
Pissed = Angry or Upset
Purse = Handbag
Putz = Potter (around)

Queen = Gay Man (expecially if camp)

Realtor = Estate Agent
Regular = Large (see Large)

Restroom (see bathroom) - Toilet (eg in a restaurant)

Seltzer = Soda Water
Sauteed = Fried
Side-walk = Pavement (see Pavement)
Stick-shift = manual gearbox (the norm is automatic)
Soda = Coke (or Pepsi or Dr Pepper etc)
Soddering Iron = Soldering Iron
SUV = Overly large pick-up truck usually with a 4 door cab
(literally a Sport Utility Vehicle, an oxymoron perhaps!)

Thanksgiving = Harvest Festival (4th Thursday in November)
TJ Maxx = Primark
Tire = Tyre (not start to feel drowsy)
Trunk = Boot (of car)
Traffic Signal = Traffic-lights (down south anyway)
Trashed = Pissed
Turkey Day = Thanksgiving



Wicked Pisser = Super Fantastic
Windshield = Windscreen
Woof = used to describe sexy girl (unlike in the UK!)
Wrap = Coat


Zip Code = Postcode



Good to go = Ready to go

I'm done = I'm Finished

Value Added = comes with a unwanted free gift



Ibuprofen - I-boo-proh-fen (rather than Ibe-yew-pruh-fun)

Lever - Lev-ver

Tomatoe - Tom-ait-oh

Vehicle - Vee-hickle

Zed = Zee



Bacon - Fatty strips of streaky bacon, nuked to a crisp

Biscuits and Gravy - Scones (not fruit) covered in white sauce (with lumps of some kind of meat in it)

Chocolate - Hershey's (looks like Cadbury's but tastes horrible)
Coffee - usually filter coffee, and like most soft drinks come with unlimited refills

Eggs - Sunny Side Up = Fried Eggs (note the plural)
Eggs - Easy Over = Fried then flipped over a few seconds)

Grits - a tasteless slurry made from some type of grain, usually served on the same plate
as your eggs (not seperate like you would with porridge)

Half & Half - half milk, half cream to put in your coffee

Oats (or Oat Cereal) = Porridge (dont ask for porridge)

Sausages - either chipolatas (links) or thin pork burger (patty)
Shrimps = Prawns

Take-out or Carry-out = Take-away
Tea = Cold weak black tea (served in a pint mug) with lots of ice
Tinned Tomates = Canned Tomatoes (pronunced Tom-ait -oes)
Tip = Gratuity (usually 15% and is usually compulsory, hmmm)



Four = Four O'clock

Five after Four = Five past Four

Quarter of Five = Quarter to Five

Ten of Five = Ten to Five

Half after Four (or Four Thirty) = Half Four

Midnite = Midnight


I will try to add more as I find/remember them.


2007 The Padd