Okay. it's kinda been revived, only this time it's going to be a bit different, more a what the hell was I doing, and what are my thoughts sort of thing.


May/June 2007

2007-05-04: Friday

Had a weird dream this morning, I was on a weird cruise in the West Indies, with lots of young people, very barefoot holiday style, met this girl, I said I recognised her from college, and she remembered me. Then it was all jeeps and old cars and I woke up. Couldn't put a name to the girls face for about 10 minutes, then realised it was Keira Knightely. Go on explain that then !

Its cool and grey here in Solihull, 9 or 10C, so I stayed in the car while I took Rebecca to the doc's because of her back. Progressed the job front a bit, but I am aware that I'm not keeping a track of it all, better get some kind of file or spreadsheet together.



Well a pretty up and down 24 hours. Almost exactly 24 hours ago I was offered a job, which I've already accepted in principle, as it's taking me in the direction I want to go, and I should make some money with this job..

So I went home, got changed and went out to Sainsbo's to buy some booze (vodka, I'll explain later), and came back via the Indian Takeaway.

So we celebrated with vodka and champagne and Indian food, and I opened the Caviar I brought back from Istanbul. It's Russian Beluga caviar, and I bought it in a sealed vacuum jar, and I've kept it cold (but not frozen), for about 5 weeks now. So still unsure that it would be okay, I opened it and had a small portion, about half a teaspoon, so if it wasnt okay, I wouldnt be really, really ill. It smelt okay, and I was fine, so I assume it's okay. Well it had better be, as I've just had about a third of the jar! I tried different crackers but jacobs cream crackers seem best as they have the mildest flavour. Definitely need to have cold vodka with it as it clears the palette perfectly (told you there was a reason to buy vodka!)

Today though (apart from the caviar) was a bit of a non-event really. The weathers been sunny but only 19C (are we going to get a summer this year, all the rain recently has been rubbish?) and I didnt achieve much..

I decided last night that I would definitely make my old GPz750 go faster, and get a good time at the track. I did a run at Santa Pod back on the 9th of June, but after 6 runs the best I could do was 13.21s @ 101.3mph, quic enough to beat a 1200 sportster but that's about all.

So I want to go faster (okay I should set a definite target, but only real desire is to beat some modern bikes). So this morning I ummed and ahhed and researched, before phoning up to buy a K&N Filter and a Stage 1 jet Dynojet kit. Then I got the call-back saying that it's a special order part, and its 3 weeks delivery from the states, bugger. I wanted to fit it while I had some time on my hands, and have it ready for the 7th of July (I think I can get a run at Santa Pod then), but now that's not going to happen. So it's kinda taken the shine off things.

Oh well, I've also put the word out on a few forums that I'm looking for an earlier cylinder head (as they can hoik the compression ratio up) and a Wiseco 810cc piston kit (preferably with matching cylinders), to build a hot motor. Apparently someone got an 810 in a 650 chassis to do a 9.90 so I'm motivated now! I have a spare motor so I can do a mild engine and a race engine and swap them round as required! I may just see if I can get the K&N filter and try that first, at least it's an excuse for another run out!

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